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Synthia, a Colorado native, started baking with her mom at a very young age. Starting with boxed recipes, she was taught to value the "art of following directions". After making many "less than creative" sweet treats, Synthia realized she could use baking as a creative outlet, taking the basics from childhood and mixing it with baking science, decorating magic, and topping the whole process off with a large dab of patience.

After graduating from boxed cakes, Synthia's skills are entirely self-taught (with some long nights buried in cookbooks and YouTube videos). She takes joy in learning new techniques and trying new ideas, even if they sometimes fall flat. Feeding people delicious food is an act of love. Synthia says baking is her main way of de-stressing.  

She started baking semi-professionally in 2015 after friends and family continued insisting she bake for nearly every occasion. Synthia's Sweets and Treats officially became a business in early 2018. 

Currently Synthia's Sweets and Treats is a Cottage Food Act Kitchen, meaning all food is baked in a residential home. Synthia has plans to expand to a commercial kitchen when her home kitchen can no longer consistently accommodate demand.

Dietary restrictions are well understood at Synthia's Sweets and Treats - Synthia went gluten-free in 2014 for personal health reasons (although still cheats occasionally because sometime serotonin overrides physical discomfort).  


When possible, Synthia prefers to use local, organic ingredients, right down to having fresh eggs from her backyard chickens. She prides herself on creating nearly everything in the kitchen from scratch, including raspberry fillings, chocolate building blocks, fondant superheroes, and more. 

When she's not baking, Synthia works as a phlebotomist at a trauma hospital, and enjoys spending time with her husband (who also occasionally helps in the kitchen). 

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